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The Best of Words

If you can believe it — the daily postings of Words For Your Enjoyment began back in December of 2003 — marking this month as the official one-year anniversary of the blog.

(If you can do me a favor here and picture a bunch of those old-school Arthurian trumpeters doing a whole big fanfare right here at this moment, that would help me out immensely.)

In celebration of a FULL YEAR of posts (611 to be exact) — the tirelessly working staff here at WFME has picked out their favorite posts from the previous year. There are some gems in there… Hell, they are all gems. So if you see a title of a column you never read, you can probably bet the family farm that indeed, you have never read it.

Thanks again to everyone for helping create a community on here, being supportive, friendly and blokkerish (you know who you are). I wish all of you the best in 2005 and a Happy New Year!

WFME’s Best Of…

December 2003 Paul Davidson on The Oprah Winfrey Show

January 2004 The Suck-age Effect

February 2004 The Karaoke Master Can Now Reveal His Secrets

March 2004 The New Male Hug

April 2004 Dangerous Decisions (Or, War with Canada!)

May 2004 Today’s Blatant Honesty About Food In Your Teeth

June 2004 My Superpower Would Be Having Correct Change

July 2004 I’m In A Fight With Freddie Prinze, Jr.

August 2004 Please Don’t Ask Me To Play Office Nerf Basketball

September 2004 Today’s Prognosis on People Who Pretend To Wash Their Hands After Going To The Public Bathroom

October 2004 The Gremlins Diet

November 2004 Revisiting Solicitors, Part 54A

And yes, that is a bowling trophy. And yes, I wish I had one. And yes, words and bowling do have a lot in common because in bowling you are knocking down pins for a high score while in the world of creating sentences you are also knocking down letters to create… Oh, forget it.

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