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For Book Clubs

Planning to make The Small Stuff your honored guest

at your next book club? We're honored. Really.

Check out some of the resources and opportunities below.

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A Deeper Dive into The Small Stuff

Discussion Guide

Download this Small Stuff Discussion Guide to spark the conversation after you've digested the fiction novel.

Spotify Playlist

Music plays an important part in The Small Stuff. Listen to this Spotify Playlist and experience the sonic book-to-ear jams.

Map of L.A.

Experience this interactive map of Los Angeles to find out what real-world places ended up in the narrative of the book.

Virtual Q&A's with the Author

What would make an evening with The Small Stuff and your Book Club a night to remember? Perhaps having the actual author of the book there virtually to drive the conversation!

Pre-order a minimum of ten (10) signed copies of The Small Stuff directly from the author, and then schedule a thirty minute virtual Q&A with Paul Davidson himself.


E-mail hello at Paul Davidson dot net for more information.

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