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Words And Letters That Form Links

Yes, I am a pretty stingy bastard when it comes to providing links at the left of this blog.

People like Bryant Gumbel and Luke Perry and Lily Costner as of late have asked me why I keep the URLs to the wonderful blogs I read on a daily basis in private and secret from the world. People like Tony Pierce have an ingenious way of doing it — they just end each post with about three URLs that you should check out. Others, well, have lists longer than my excuses for not providing links.

Personally, I’ve always enjoyed dedicating full posts to the other blogs I read like this and this. Nonetheless…while I may start to employ what I’m now calling the Pierce-RL Linking Procedure, in the meantime I wanted to alert those who really give a damn that I’ve added two non-personal links to my list ‘o plenty.

The first is none other than Blogebrity. Best known for it’s A, B, and C-lists of the Blogosphere’s so-called celebrities, the blog has been getting a good amount of online press lately and it’ll be interesting to see where it goes. But just based on being a part of the illustrious B-list caused me to do them a favor back. I also heard something about getting a free membership to the Baskin Robbins Ice Cream Club by being on their lists, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed for that.

Secondly, I’ve finally added a link to Warner Books — my publisher for my second (and currently, Untitled) book, which will be hitting stores Fall 2006. They are a wonderful publisher, a great company, and really — I would say just about anything I had to anyway to get a book published. So chalk this URL up under “brown-nosing URLs”.

Thirdly, I’ve hidden an invisible link to a special URL somewhere on the page. If you can find it, you’ll know that you’ve correctly found it if it brings you to a page where you get a 404 error. And if you find that, pat yourselves on the back because you have WON!

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