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A Year of Words: The Best Of

Words For Your Enjoyment has reached a milestone.

As of yesterday, this site has amassed over 365 posts (over a year) that range from the crazy to the insane to the random to the bittersweet. (Bittersweet music here.)

So just like your favorite all-time bands that once were and just like the money grubbing people at studios who put out “Best Of…” DVDs, I too will jump on the bandwagon today and point you towards (what I believe to be) my Top 10 Most Enjoyable (I Think) Posts since the creation of the site.

For those who just started reading, it’s like brand new stuff you didn’t have to go digging for. For those who have already read these, it’s like getting hit on the head twice.

But who ever said getting hit on the head was a bad thing…

WFME’s Top 10 Most Enjoyable (I Think) Posts

10. this is a lowercase title for my blog entry 09. Today’s Imaginary Conversation with Justin Timberlake’s Left Breast 08. Elevators: Microcosm of Society or Stinky Germ Receptacle? 07. Toe Length (Or You Got Freaky Long Toes, Girlfriend!) 06. The New Male Hug 05. I Am The Most Successful Hypochondriac In The World 04. Hit Me In The Stomach As Hard As You Can, Because I Can Take It 03. Today’s Thoughts on Complicated Urinal Positioning 02. Dangerous Decisions (Or, War With Canada) 01. Today’s Thoughts on Rubberbands As The New Bullet


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