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The FPJ Epilogue

Apparently, I thought I had already moved past my fight with Freddie Prinze, Jr. and the subsequent argument with his wife Sarah Michelle Gellar. At least, I thought so until I ran into the two of them while working on a project with David Faustino.

Normally, you would have thought that the first trilogy of drama would have ended there. But my “good-friends” decided to keep hammering away at me. There was Sarah Michelle’s eerie phone message and Freddie Prinze, Jr.’s emasculating phone call/request. But then, it got quiet.

The drama ended. I was able to forget about it all. That is, until this morning when good WFME friend MJ vocalized one of his dream-team Celebrity Poker tables that, yes, would include the following players:

Me Freddie Prinze, Jr. Sarah Michelle Gellar Misty May Kerri Walsh

Just seeing my name sitting next to you-know-who (and I’m not talking about the volleyball ladies) made me choke on my coffee. What I had worked weeks to remove from my memory came flooding back like that really big wave in that movie about the huge tidal wave flooding New York City.

Nonetheless, I crawled back into my bed, pulled the covers over my head and cried uncontrollably.

Thanks, MJ.

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