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My Head Is Not So Huge

It’s amazing how sometimes you can look at a piece of cake and say to yourself, “Man, that is one huge piece of cake!” and then eat the piece of cake and realize that in fact, said piece of cake wasn’t that huge.

Or, you know — how you could look at a bowling ball and say to yourself, “Man, that is one huge chunk of a bowling ball!” and then hit a few strikes and realize that in reality, the bowling ball wasn’t huge but instead it was the way you looked at it that made you perceive that it was huge.

It also goes for that situation where you’re looking up at a tall building from the street below (let’s say New York City’s Empire State Building) and you say to yourself, “Man, that is one huge building!” and then you get inside and the ceilings are like only 7 feet tall and you think to yourself how it must have been an optical illusion and that, in fact, this building isn’t nearly as huge as you thought it was, especially not to mention the fact that in relation to that bridge they just built in France — well, the Empire State Building isn’t so huge after all.

It’s all about perspective, people.

After measuring my head and determining that it was, in fact, huge, I received many supportive comments from people telling me that, in fact, my head was not as huge as I originally thought it was. There were cards, letters, animated greetings and a very special comment from WFME reader, Jessy. It read:

“Paul don’t worry about ur headsize ’cause it’s not an unusual headsize. People just like to make fun of others and if u ignore they will eventually stop. My headsize is 23cm or I should say 59inches. Although some people say they find it big I don’t let it faze me. If we learn to love ourselves an have a good self-esteem people will just love us for who we truly are.”

It was as if the heavens had suddenly opened when I had read those very poetic, very touching, very supportive words from a stranger out there in the blogosphere. Someone who I had not ever met, talked to or even heard of. But there he/she was — WFME friend Jessy, telling me that yes —

“…Don’t worry about your headsize ’cause it’s not an unusual headsize…”

“…People just like to make fun of others and if you ignore they will eventually stop…”

“…If we learn to love ourselves and have a good self-esteen, people will just love us for who we truly are…”

Truer words have never been spoken, Jessy.

And so, what do you think I did? I stormed into my bathroom and pulled that head-measuring tape out of the top drawer and I threw it into the garbage. But no, I didn’t just THROW it into the garbage — I crumpled it up with a violent fervor and then I shoved it into an empty tissue box that I thought was empty which actually contained old tissues which fazed me for a moment and I had to go wash my hands before I could get back to squishing and squashing that head tape measurer in the garbage. But I did it.

Yes, I did.

And then, in an attempt to love myself I looked into the mirror with a half-cocked grin and I said things to myself (while pointing at myself with the typical Jerry Maguire hand snap):

Your head is not big.

Your head is normal size.

People are just jealous.

Love yourself, and others will follow.

Little did I know, but the plumber was around the corner fixing the seal on the bottom of our toilet and it, well, caused him to make fun of me.

But I thought back to Jessy, I thought back to what his/her words said to me, and I put on a hat knowing that it would totally fit because contrary to popular belief…

…my head is not so huge.

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