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International Words

Words For My Enjoyment has gone global.

Hell, we were probably global before I received today’s exciting e-mail from Argentina’s own Andres Norman, who in response to my post My Head is Huge wrote WFME this letter (which he approved to be reprinted here):

(sorry for my english i live in argentina) hello, i read your article about how huge is your head. i have a litle complex with my head´. when i was 18 or 17 i used to use my hair very long….and my hair its like a sponge, with a lot of volume…..and my friends at my school started to call me a huge head (cabezón in spanish)……i didn´t care up to i watched a film were a saw my head…i was a litlle surprise how big it was…..finallly i almost got crasy… was an obsession…i started to wore hats every day and all day… i went to the doctor telling my problem…..finally i started to shave my head (like 5 cms) and one day i measured it….and the size is (circumference) almost 58 cms ….also im 5 9tall (175 cms) but i think is a big size… yo know which is the normal size 56cms? or 57cms?…i would like to measure poeple but they will think im a crasy person… well the orther think is that im leaving my hair long again but im cuting it every month taking out all the volume….( my parents and others tell me to leave my hair long, because they say im better looking with long hair) but the thing is that i started to thnik about my head again and it take my freedom….what can i do cut my hair short? ( i didnt have this problem for 4 yeras) …that it thank you…take care…bye.

My suggestion to Andres was to keep his hair long.

What do YOU think?

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