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If You’re Reading This, Then My Blogs Ability To Post Entries While I’m In Las Vegas Has

I am in Las Vegas.

Yes. Right this minute. As you read this I am probably either sleeping, eating a huge shrimp cocktail the size of my head, or gambling my life savings away all because I think that’s what I’m supposed to do.

I am in Las Vegas.

Surrounded by air conditioning. Surrounded by the click-click-cliking of slot machines. Surrounded by people who are all desperate to win something. Anything.

I am in Las Vegas.

The city that never sleeps. The city that keeps on going. The city that’s within a city, wrapped up in a hundred other cities all embodied in a huge, gaudy, building with a roller coaster on top. But above all, Las Vegas is a city of performances, of magic and of links. Links to the past. Links to the present. Links to the future.

What a perfect and horrible (at the same time) segue for me, while I am away from my beloved computer, to offer up some reading from days gone by. In the not-so-immortal words of Yoda… Enjoy or not… There is no not so enjoy. Or something like that.

Happy Saturday.

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