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  • Paul Davidson

Fifty-Nine and Counting…

In almost nine months of daily postings on WFME, there is one post which has garnered (currently) fifty-nine comments so far.

I will not mention the subject matter because it is a sketchy subject. It is the kind of subject that, if mentioned and spelled out here on this entry, will bring more of the “followers” out of the woodwork. I know this from experience, as does WFME good pal ‘o ours Lori — that the people who continually search the subject matter that brings them here to comment can only be described as “fringe.”

Yet it makes me wonder. Are there so many people with this much concern about a certain body part that they are up at all hours of the evening searching for something to make them feel better about their “supposed problem”?

I can only wonder aloud to you here today about such a thing.

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