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  • Paul Davidson

Countdown to The Benefactor

Oh, how I remember when I was in Dallas working on The Benefactor.

About four months later, here we sit…on the eve of the show hitting the airwaves. To be specific, The Benefactor premieres on Monday, September 13th (a mere week from Monday) at 8pm in all time zones. And in honor of such an event, ABC has seen fit to activate the official site.

A little insight into the production process of the show can be gleaned by looking through WFME’s May archives.

So, if you’re a reality TV fan and you’re looking for something a little bit different, embodied in the body of one billionaire host named Mark Cuban, then you just may want to check out The Benefactor when it premieres.

And hell, you can even look out for my name in the credits.

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