Promo for The Benefactor

Well, the promo I helped put together for Mark Cuban’s appearance on CNNfn last week is now being served up on Mark Cuban’s blog. So, if you’re interested in seeing some footage of the show, go ahead and click here and follow his links.

Windows Media doesn’t do it justice (especially not to the sound) but you’ll get the idea if you’re interested.

Memorial Day MP3

You loved “Words For Your Enjoyment.” You screamed over “End of the Month Elephant Story.” And now, you can cry in happiness over the newest addition to the WFME calendar year…

Memorial Day MP3!

That’s right. Once a year (because if I only do it once a year the chances of getting arrested by the RIAA won’t be nearly as feasible) I will be serving up an MP3 that is dear to my heart that you, YES YOU, can download for free.

This year’s free MP3 is “Two Hearts Beat as One” by U2. But this ain’t no everyday normal U2 song. This is off an unreleased live CD that was put out as a promotional disc back in the early 80’s that you can’t find anywhere. Not even at the famed iTunes music store.

The Day After The Day After Tomorrow

Boy, Roland Emmerich really is hurting for ideas.

If you’re familiar with his previous movies (ahem, Independence Day) then you’ve already seen The Day After Tomorrow. But just in case you don’t believe me, here’s what you’ll find in both movies:

Destruction of major landmarks that make for great trailers like The White House (ID4), New York City (via explosions, also ID4), New York City (via water and hail and frozen ice, in TDAT), Los Angeles’ Capitol Records Building (ID4 and TDAT), The Hollywood Sign (via tornado in TDAT), The Washington Monument (ID4), The Statue of Liberty (TDAT).

I Know The Science Behind Opening Jars

Just because I opted to take Geology instead of (the more complicated) Chemistry, has no bearing on whether or not I know the science behind opening jars.

If I had a million dollars for every time some girl with weak wrists handed me a jar of peanut butter or a jar of pickles and bulged out her eyes as if to say can you puh-leeze open this jar for me “mr. you can punch me in the stomach as hard as you want”, I would be at least a double-millionaire. And it has nothing to do with the fact that I look like I have bulging, strong wrists. It’s more based on the fact that a long long time ago when I was hanging out with a group of friends, I boasted about my knowledge of opening up stuck jar lids.

McDonald’s No More

Saw Super Size Me last night.

For those who don’t know what the Documentary is, it was Directed by Morgan Spurlock, a guy who decided to eat nothing but McDonald’s for 30 days straight to see what the effects on his body would be.

Stunningly enough, the guy went from 185 lbs. to 210 lbs. in the 30 days, and raised his perfect cholesterol levels and liver healthness to dangerously high levels. The three physicians he involved in the process were both stunned and surprised that a diet based on strictly fat (and not alcohol) could have such an effect on one’s liver and system. Although the movie was humorous, the reality of it all was very very sobering and really hit me at my core.