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  • Paul Davidson

Your Own Celebrity Gossip

Everyone loves to be in the know.

How many times have you gazed (not picked up, nor turned the pages) at a Celebrity Gossip rag in line at the checkout counter? And how many times have you wished you had the scoop to phone in? How many times have you heard or read about a great Celebrity sighting and wished you were there too?

Now’s your chance.

Just fill in the blanks (denoted by the [‘s) in the below form. Don’t even read the paragraphs, just move from blank to blank filling in whatever your mind comes up with. (God knows that’s all the rag mags do, anyway!)

Then, submit your finished Exclusive Story to any and all of Hollywood’s most famous rags and before long the checks will come flying in. WFME does not ask for any percentage of any monies you get using our handy-dandy gossip form simply because it’s YOU who’s coming up with the words to fill in and WE don’t like lawyers.

Fill-in, away:

[Celebrity Name #1] and [Celebrity Name #2] Seen [verb + ing] Together!

Last week around the [LA-location] area, passerbys got a glimpse of mega-famous [noun] of the moment, [Celebrity Name #1] and [Celebrity Name #2] [verb + ing] into a [LA-location] for a [time of day] [activity].

The two [plural noun] have been missing from the public eye as of late but re-emerged [time period, past tense] after the two were seen [verb + ing] together, [verb + ing] together and most importantly, entering the [LA location] for an uncharacteristic [time of day] [activity].

To add insult to injury, when [Celebrity Name #1] was seen leaving the [La location] in question, it was no longer with [Celebrity Name #2] but with [Celebrity Name #3], instead. The two proceeded to get into [Celebrity Name #3]’s [type of automobile], [verb] for about a(n) [number of hours], and then make their way to the nearby [location] for some post-[verb + ing] [plural noun].

What this means for the two is your guess, but additional [plural noun] have come in lately that place [adjective] [Celebrity Name #1] at [another LA location] and the [LA Hotel] with [Celebrity Name #4] and [Celebrity Name #5], both who have been on the outs lately with their own [plural noun] and [plural noun].

Even more stunning was the recent sighting of [Celebrity Name #1] at a [LA based store] where he/she was shopping for [noun/plural noun]. Could this be [noun/plural noun, same as last] for one of his/her [plural noun] or could it just be something innocent?

We think there’s something strange going on here.

When calls were placed to [Celebrity Name #1]’s publicist, we were told: “[Celebrity Name #1] does not [verb] with [Celebrity Name #2, #3, #4 and #5] and if anything is printed that says so, [Celebrity Name #1] will most surely [verb]. I don’t think you’d want to see [Celebrity Name #1] [verb], either.”

Don’t know if it’s just me, but doesn’t the above sort of remind you of the equation that Good Will Hunting solved in the movie, uh, Good Will Hunting?

Hell, coming up with Hollywood gossip is like solving a really annoyingly-difficult mathematical equation.

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