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  • Paul Davidson

You May Think I Look Like Walter Cronkite, But You’re Way Off

You may think I look like Walter Cronkite, but you are way off buddy boy.

Sure, Walter’s eyes and my eyes communicate somewhat of an all-knowing look. Like you can see inside both Walter’s and my soul with one quick gaze. That by just maintaining eye contact while making small talk with me and Walter, you just feel this calmness wash over your body and all at once you realize (without knowing why) that your beliefs in Heaven and the Universe and God were always right.

Sure, Walter and I have the same walk. That swaggering off-balance but ready-to-take-on-the-world type of walk. The kind where Walter and I are always ready to reach out with our burly hands (yeah, both our hands look similar in their muscle-like way) and grab yours and shake you so hard that you feel safe, at ease and painfully uncomfortable all at once while observing the way in which we walk and shake hands. You may marvel at how Walter and I both let one finger linger as we exit the handshake, letting you know that “we’ll always be there if you need us.”

It’s true, Walter’s deep baratone-like announcer’s voice is similar to mine. In fact, if I were to leave a message on his machine and he were to leave a message on my machine — no two people would be able to figure out who was who. I’d probably say, “And that’s the news,” and he might say “And that’s the way it is” but no matter what either of us are saying — that unmistakable voice (between the two of us) is mistakeable.

But do we look alike? I think not.

It’s the mannerisms and the personality and the potentially-bushy brows and the deep baratone voice and the swagger and the handshake and the soul that make you think that Walter Cronkite and I look somewhat alike. But really, seriously, honestly — we don’t.

Not that there’s anything wrong with Walter Cronkite.

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