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Words on Hiatus

I can hardly even believe that these words are about to come out of my mouth.

But due to the holidays and travel and what-not, I have given myself a four-day hiatus from Words For My Enjoyment because honestly, what’s more enjoyable than having your stomach filled with yams and stuffing and chocolate and then passing out on the couch in front of the TV without having to even think of a thing to post?

Hiatus, baby. Hiatus.

But, as always — WFME will return with brand-new sparkling content on Sunday night to bring happiness and sparkliness to your life. (Of course, knowing me and my obsession to put things in digital print, there may very well be posts between now and then — but you know, gotta keep expectations low.)

So, on that note — WFME wishes you the best of best this Thanksgiving Day, Pre-Christmas, food-coma week and wants to leave you with one very very important piece of advice which will get you through the big day:

If it has marshmallows melted on top of it — it’s good.

Take it or leave it.

Update: Please disregard the entire previous post. I cannot stay away, apparently.

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