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  • Paul Davidson

Words On ‘A Dime’

Today begins the exciting home-renovation process of Design on a Dime.

If you are like me and try to stay away from anything that remotely involves having to “do it yourself” you probably aren’t a regular watcher of HGTV (Home & Garden Television). If you are like me and everytime you try and put a new hanging shelf on the wall, the entire house collapses — you definitely try to stay away from anything that requires you picking up a hammer.

Yet here I sit, minutes away from the “crew” arriving, and a long day ahead of me.

What will they do? On Design on a Dime the hosts and their crew of designers and carpenters come to your house and re-do an entire room. That’s right — you don’t have to lift a finger. (At least on camera.) Off camera you have to wear three to four different outfits, film moments out of order, and if you’ve ever been around reality television — you’re aware that scenes get shot over and over and over again to create a hyper-reality that, really, was never real.

Someday I’ll let you in on all the secrets of reality TV, including the infamous story of the franken-clip.

Until then, wish me well, and let’s hope yours truly doesn’t make a fool of himself while the cameras are rolling. The official air date is still pending, but don’t go anywhere this Summer or you’re bound to miss the most amazing piece of entertainment since Super Mario Bros.: The Movie.


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