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  • Paul Davidson

Words of Wonder

You know me — I don’t like messing up my sidebar with lists and lists of all my favorite wonderful friendly blog buds, so I use this space to give shout-outs every so often.

Well, today I’d like to give a shout out to a blog I’m sure you’ll find amusing called Utter Wonder. It’s got a great design, humorous writings, and I just hope that you don’t go there and forget about me.

But you know what they say — if you do not set them free they will never come back…or never stay with you, or something about staying with me overnight… Wait. If I do set you free, then someday you will come back versus me not setting you free which will result in you never coming back if you ever get loose, so why would I ever not set you free in the first place?

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Check it out.

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