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Words For <i>Your</i> Enjoyment: Today’s Blog Treasure Hunt

We all love treasure hunts, don’t we?

That’s why I’m putting aside some of your words as my words for WFME’s usual Friday entry and turning it into the most amazing, first-ever (I think), blog treasure hunt in the history (I think) of the entire free (I think) World.

How does it work?

There are links on this main page of my blog. Those links will take you to other links and even other links. The clues in this entry will help direct you to “the treasure”, which just happens to be a specific phrase I’m looking for. The first three people to e-mail me the exact phrase, will be the lucky winners of a signed copy of Consumer Joe in celebration of the book’s widespread displays starting July at Barnes & Noble Booksellers countrywide.

Giving free signed books doesn’t hurt when it comes to word of mouth, either.

So check out the clues, find your way to the “phrase that wins” and e-mail me to try your hand at winning a free copy of the book. Feel free to discuss in comments, but don’t post the answer… I’ll post the winners and the solution to the puzzle after three people have correctly submitted the right answer. (Disclaimer: If for any reason any of the first three winners turn out to have violated their current parole or are currently living in North Korea, the runner-ups will receive their books instead.)

Go Go Go.

The month of May is “pretty”, especially in San Antone, when you find out all about him, you might figure out where’s his home.

Living in the exact same location, a WFME friend to find more “about”, commenting on Ed Norton’s car, their link list is short and stout.

There, sandwiched inbetween yours truly, three above, then three below, the literate will find only one similar direction, click away, and then you will know.

Then open and turn two. Then eighteen paces right. The next four inclusive, and you’ll be totally right.

The phrase is your key, to solving this riddle, but if it just drives you insane, well, you could always learn how to play the fiddle.

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