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Words For <i>Your</i> Enjoyment: The Real Pauly D?

Oh, the horror.

As I mentioned a few days ago, this week’s “Words For Your Enjoyment” comes from Steve, who suggested that I allow a group of readers to attempt to write a post in my style, then let you (the non participating readers) try and figure out which post came from the real Pauly D.

Yes, I know. It’s more than any of us can handle on a Friday.

Starting at 8:00AM PST you’ll start to see each of the six posts pop up. At the top of every hour and running until 1:00PM, a new post will appear by another anonymous contributor. The subject of today’s post (which each anonymous poster had to write about including me) is called, “I Spit On You, Westminster Dog Show.”

When you think you know who the real Pauly D is, leave a comment on that post expressing your beliefs and why. Don’t double up comments on more than one post if you can help it. We’ll roughly use the number of comments to gauge who the masses thought was the real ME.

And if you’re one of the thousands who visit but never leave comments, I hope that the writing itself will simply be enough to entertain you on this wonderful Friday morning (mid-day or evening).


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