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Words For <i>Your</i> Enjoyment: Life Soundtracks

Once again, here we are on a beautiful Friday with another edition of Words For Your Enjoyment… Where you tell me what you want me to write about and where I do it and provide you a link for all your hard fatiguing brain-power.

This week’s shoutout goes to Feministe whose generous creation and sending to me of a mixed CD caused me to think of this idea, even though I had already been thinking of this idea prior to listening to the music, but what the hell it sounds good so…

What is the soundtrack to your life?

I am always fascinated by the fact that there are certain songs that happened to be playing in the background during certain memorable moments in my life and that whenever I hear those songs, the images flood back into my head like nobody’s business. Some of them include:

Great White’s House of Broken Love: Just a mere high school student, this song was playing on my Volkswagen Rabbit’s stereo as I drove back with a friend from one of my first “hooking up” experiences with some girl I had met on (what was then called) a BBS (think AOL chatroom, but one chatroom and you had to dial up to it and boy has technology flown).

U2’s Bullet the Blue Sky: High school float building. Over and over again. This was around the time that U2’s The Joshua Tree was so popular. And this song specifically.

Seal’s Don’t Cry: College. This song played endlessly on my stereo, yet another late night drunk-off-my-ass contemplative song.

Supertramp’s The Logical Song: The song I played over and over again while writing a screenplay that took me 8 drafts and 12 months to complete. The song’s lyrics, intregal to the theme of the story, always makes me think about the process of plugging it out.

Ben Folds’ Mr. Jones, Part 2: One of the few songs I’ve played over and over and over again in the car in an attempt to learn the haunting lyrics of one of my favorite artists. This song was big last year while I was having a huge bout of writer’s block… So, I try not to listen to it too often for fear that it will cause it again. Still…memories.

Just some of mine. This definitely causes me to debate putting together an actual CD Soundtrack of my life. Each few years, a song that means something, and then I can stick it in my car and be depressed about how time flies and my life will be over soon.

Or, I can just put in the latest CD by Hilary Duff. (It’s a toss up.)

What’s the soundtrack to YOUR life?

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