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Words For <i>Your</i> Enjoyment: Hidden Words

This week’s “Words For Your Enjoyment” is a little different than most weeks, as I’d like to give new readers the opportunity to snag one of two highly-coveted copies of my book Consumer Joe: Harassing Corporate America, One Letter At A Time. As the book is going into it’s third printing soon (with a new title) this signed first-edition copy is at least worth two bucks more than the cover price.

How do you win it?

The banner at the top of WFME has sat there for sometime without any mention, although it has always been a puzzle lying-in-wait. Somewhat hidden and blurred in the above banner are 50 words that can legitimately be read. Some are parts of words but the parts will give you enough to determine the word itself. To make it fair, here’s the breakdown of how many words I’m looking for you to identify on each line:

1st line – 10 words 2nd line – 5 words 3rd line – 5 words 4th line – 11 words 5th line – 5 words 6th line – 5 words 7th line – 9 words (with 1 additional word that really isn’t a word)

WFME readers who have previously received a book are not eligible and you can only submit one guess. If it’s wrong, game over. The first two people to e-mail the correct listing of words will receive a copy of the book.

So put away those Excel Spreadsheets and TP reports for today. And use your time for something a little more valuable then your 9 to 5.

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