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Words For <i>Your</i> Enjoyment: Designing Words

Just under the wire.

Yes, my O.C.D. with never letting a day go by here on WFME without getting a post up continues to rule my life as I finally find myself sitting down a mere two hours before the day has ended. But really, there’s a reason for such lack of time and effort.

Today was the final Design on a Dime day.

The day that the guest house was finally revealed. The day that my mouth pretty much hit the floor as I stepped through the doors and saw what people can do for literally no money. It made me surprised, amazed and feel somewhat stupid because why the hell didn’t I think of all these cool things!? Pictures, of course, which I do have — will remain under lock and key due to HGTV rules and regulations until the show has aired, which should be sometime closer to June. I’ll keep you all updated, of course, because I know how much WFME readers love home improvement.

This weekend, yours truly will be in the San Francisco Bay Area, so a big ‘ol shout out to my peeps living up there.

WFYE will be back next week with reckless abandon.

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