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Words For <i>Your</i> Enjoyment

With every Friday comes another brand-new Words For Your Enjoyment where normal, everyday people (with all their limbs — we unfortunately cannot accept any ideas from those with faux-limbs) can submit ideas to yours truly for inclusion as a post. And this week is no different.

This week, I received an actual handwritten letter in the mail from George I. who lives in Scottsdale, Arizona.

George I. writes: “I love your website so much and because my Internet connection was just turned off by accident, I have chosen instead to write you a letter in the hopes that my idea could possibly show up on your blog site. However, since I don’t have an Internet connection, I only hope I get it back in time to see what you wrote about my idea if you write about my idea. My idea is that you should include the text of my letter and give me some advice about how to get into writing, but more specifically, just print my letter if you can cause then I’d get a lot of attention from this girl I like who also has a blog online. Thanks, Pauly D. You’re the best!

George, I., your wish is my command!

In other news, today is a big day for the [UNDISCLOSED] TV show. As you read this I am out and about shooting a special promo for the show. These promos will end up airing very soon on ABC to promote the show and the casting of the show. Maybe someday I will be able to drop the facade and tell you the actual name. But for now, we must remain quiet. In the shadows. Eating halvah.

I like halvah.

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