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  • Paul Davidson

Words About <i>Blind Justice</i>

You may or may not have seen the new ABC show Blind Justice starring Ron Eldard — a drama about a cop who goes blind yet still gets the job done. As the magical copywriters over at ABC have decided, the show can be summed up in this one phrase:

He lost his sight. But not his vision.

Gold, I tell you. Nonetheless, WFME happens to have a few very strategically placed people inside the ABC offices where they were able to snag a print out of the other taglines that ABC didn’t use on all those bus ads and newspaper one-pagers…and boy, aren’t we glad:

The world went dark. But he’s still bright.

Helen Keller. Stevie Wonder. Detective Jim Dunbar.

He may be blind. But not to crime.

Yeah, so he has a dog — he still solves the crimes himself!

The guy from E.R.…now needs one.

Deaf? No. Dumb? No. Blind? Yeah, sure.

A new detective. A new dog. A new pair of sunglasses.

As blind people go, he’s a pretty cool dresser.

He lost his eyes…but he crosses his T’s.

When his life faded away…everything came into focus.

He’ll stumble. He’ll collapse. You’ll fall for him.

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