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  • Paul Davidson

Why Motivation is Dead

Mow-tee-vay-shun: That which one possesses until they don’t possess it, at which point those who think they know how to possess it charge money in order to help the one who did possess it, then didn’t possess it, find a way to regain their possession of it.

Motivation is a funny thing.

Those who don’t have it, wish they had it. Those who have it, wish they had more. Those who are looked upon as people with inordinate amounts of it, secretly believe they have none. People are constantly wishing they knew the secret to motivation, the reasons for having it, and there are “experts” out in world who will charge you for the secrets to obtaining it.

Yet the thing that no one knows, is that motivation is dead.

There’s no longer any such thing as motivation. There are very few people who do what they do because of a passionate internal voice urging them to do so. People do things because they have to pay the bills, they are getting pressure from their bosses, their are struggling in their lives, they are desperate or downtrodden. Motivation is not motivation.

Motivation is survival.

Goal-setting and inspiration is different from motivation. That’s where the world has gone wrong over all these years. We, as people, do not need motivation. We need passion. Passion drives people to go after their dreams. Motivation drives people to go after what they think they’re supposed to go after.

Do you have the motivation to make a million dollars this year? Or do you have the passion to write the great American novel which will, in turn, bring you millions of dollars? Do you have the motivation to get up and go to the gym each and every day and lose weight so that your cholesterol and heart-condition are improved? Or do you have the passion to live a healthier life?

Isn’t passion really what people have been selling motivation as, over all these years? Isn’t motivation just a word to get you to do what others want you to do?

I think so.

And that is why, as of yesterday (when I almost wrote this post), I am officially declaring that “motivation is dead.” We don’t need to be motivated to do anything. Motivation is so 1982 anyway.

But passion… Man, passion is so 2005.

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