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  • Paul Davidson

When Towel Hitting Becomes Uncomfortable Gym Conversation

This morning at the gym I was doing my thang on an elliptical machine when the girl next to me got down and in the process accidentally snapped me with her towel. I wasn’t going to let it stand.

Me: You just hit me with your towel.

Her: Oh!? I’m sorry!

Me: It hurt.

Her: Oh. I’m totally sorry about that!

At this point, she began to get her things together, preparing to leave.

Me: Where are you going?

Her: I’m leaving.

Me: You can’t just leave. That’s like leaving the scene of a hit and run accident.

Her: What the hell are you talking about!?

Me: You. Hit. Me. With. Your. Towel.

Her: Yeah, so?

Me: So, that apology you gave me a few seconds ago really wasn’t a genuine apology, huh?

Her: Look. I have to go. What the hell do you want me to do?

Me: Let me hit you back.

Her: Let you hit me back?

Me: Yeah. It’s only fair.

Her: Let you hit me back with…what?

Me: With your towel.

Her: Will you leave me alone, then?

Me: Yes.

A minute of debate. Then she hands over the towel. Which I am quick to whip back at her forearm, in just the way she had previously done to me. We were-

Her: …even now?

Me: Yes. Thanks. Have a great rest of your workout.

Her: Yeah, whatever.

What can I say. I like to test the boundaries of society.

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