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WFME’s Price Is Right!

When people talk about this blog (if they do at all) they use words like “groundbreaking”, “complicated” and “bueno macho.” I like that. I like that very much. But really, has anyone out there used the words “price” and “right” and maybe the word “is” and put “WFME” in front of all of them?

No. Not until now.

I know you’re shuddering, shaking and wiping the sweat off your brow wondering what kind of crazy shiiiat is about to befall you and your family, here on this “bueno macho” blog. Something that will transform it into a blog that will forever be known as a “bueno macho mas, es la verdad” blog.

Yeah, I know. Go get the damn Spanish to English Dictionary.

Everyone’s watched The Price is Right. The gameshow that teaches you that everything is not what it seems, that floating lottery-esque balls with numbers on them can make you a thousand-aire and that you must spay and neuter your pets. Quality stuff, kids.

Well, I am here to introduce the first ever WFME Price is Right. That’s where you’ll be faced with a few choices of boxes and closed-curtains that happen to be on a fictitious stage. You’ll internally, in your head, weigh all the choices. The positives and negatives. And then you’ll make your choice.

You know, if that thing excites you.

And then later that same day (today) you’ll find out just exactly what you might have won had any of this really been real. So. What do we have today, available for you to choose from?

1. A box the size of a bread-basket — sitting atop a small podium stand. This box is labeled “A”.

2. A box the size of a small baby elephant (half the size of a car). This box is labeled “B”.

3. A closed curtain on stage, labeled “C”.

Which will you pick? Will your pick make you rich? Or will it embarass you beyond belief? Only time will tell. And I will only reveal what’s in each of the three when there have been at least 150 comments denoting your choices.

Or four. Four comments would work, too.

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