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  • Paul Davidson

WFME’s Nobody Is Listening, Part Deux

Lately, the staff at WFME has felt the need to go out into the public and listen to how people interact with each other. For such an intelligent society, you’d think we’d be masters that that communication thing, but in reality, we’re all too self-absorbed to think about anyone but ourselves. Which reminds me, I have to call that guy about that thing today.

Either way, here are some of life’s questions, and how well we communicate with those who ask them of us:

Q: Plastic or paper? a: Yes, please.

Q: Would you like to supersize that? a: Pepsi.

Q: What do you think I am, stupid!? a: I have no idea what you’re talking about.

Q: What is this line for? a: The movies.

Q: What kind of beans would you like with that? a: What kind of beans do you have? Black or pinto. Yeah, no.

Q: How are you doing? a: Not much.

Q: What’s going on? a: Pretty good, you?

Q: What’s your name? a: What’s YOUR name?

Q: Are those seats saved? a: Saved for who?

Q: License and registration, please? a: Is something wrong? License and registration, please. Was I speeding? License and registration, PLEASE. I’m late for a meeting. LICENSE and REGISTRATION, please! This isn’t even my car.

Q: Do you think the Universe is finite or infinite? a: I don’t know, but I sure am hungry.

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