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  • Paul Davidson

WFME’s <i>What Did This Post Used To Say?</i>

It’s sort of like Super Password but without the six night, seven-day vacation cruises being given away as a prize. It’s somewhat like Hollywood Squares without the squares. And it’s definitely a lot like $100,000 Pyramid without the pyramid.

It’s WFME’s What Did This Post Used To Say?

A new feature here at Words For Your Enjoyment, What Did This Post Used To Say? will be a regular feature on each and every December 20th for your viewing pleasure. Created in silence, shrouded in mystery and presented just for the elite WFME reader, What Did This Post Used To Say? challenges WFME readers to figure out just what this post used to say.

The prizes on What Did This Post Used To Say? range from gift cards at Best Buy to blocks of cheese provided by Hillshire Farms. The winners will be few, but the losers will be many — which raises the stakes to the point of it just being wildly crazy, endlessly entertaining and extremely unpredictable.

But that’s What Did This Post Used To Say? for ya.

Did this post used to detail my imagined Christmas holiday with TV’s Magnum P.I..? Did it used to imagine what it would be like to play “Halo 2” with Everybody Loves Raymond‘s Peter Boyle? Did it wonder aloud why people are always asking me if I am related to Emmanuel Lewis?

Aaaah-HA! What Did This Post Used To Say?‘s first round is already happening! Exciting, isn’t it?

Did this post used to be titled “Stars Reading Words” and talk about the recent excitement currently going on in my life with real life stars reacting quite positively to a screenplay of mine, but ME not wanting to think about it for fear of it all falling apart? Did this post used to talk about internet stalkers, more specifically about a blog stalker who is starting to get a little annoying? Did this post talk about how during the holiday season I am just fed up with holding open doors for people who don’t hurry up when they see you holding the door open for them in the first place?

Hooooooooo boy! That was an amazing first round, people! Shivers. I felt ’em. You? Oops, no time to talk about it because that ding ding ding is ringing throughout the studio! Can you say, second round!?

The second round of What Did This Post Used To Say? is the bonus round. That’s where you, the contestant, try to figure out which made-up words were used in the post that used to be here in the place of this one.

You’ll wonder, with the ticking clock beeping away second by second — did the post that used to be here contain the word “befuddlemusement”? Did the author of the post come up with, instead, an even crazier creation of “garishmanagement”? Or perhaps, in an attempt to really get the goat of the American public, did said Pauly D bring out the big guns with “castraconcealment”?

In the game of What Did This Post Used To Say?, it’s anyone’s guess.

And don’t even get me started on the Speed Round from What Did This Post Used To Say? That’s where YOU, WFME contestant is faced with clicking on this text file and is then challenged to use the scroll bar at the right of their browser to speed back and forth through the file until they can make out at least one complete sentence.

It is crazy. Impossible. And just what What Did This Post Used To Say? is all about.

The challenge is extreme. The winners are few. The days pass by like malted milk balls on an incline. It is all at once interesmazing, confoundusing, and gibberonsense.


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