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  • Paul Davidson

WFME Knitting Project #14: Holiday-Themed Gloves

Today’s WFME knitting project will bring tears to the eyes of holiday-lovers all across the Internet, as we are going to be telling you just how to knit, what we like to call, WFME’s Holiday Themed Gloves!

Step #1: Get some yarn. Pick a color you’ll like.

Step #2: Knit it in the shape of a glove.

Step #3: Repeat, for the second glove. (Note: Be sure to remember, you are not knitting two left-handed gloves! Move the thumb to the other side, this time around.)

Step #4: Wear gloves. Gloat.

Repeat steps 1 through 4 for each pair of Holiday-Themed WFME gloves you’d like to knit. We recommend not doing it more than 3 times, for your fatigue may affect the quality of the knitting.

Good luck!

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