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Weekend Comes, Weekend Goes…

I used to do this thing that used to piss Jen off all the time.

It would be one of those “3-Day Weekends” and when you’re working a full 40+ hour a week, and you find yourself living a real, official 3-Day Weekend, you try to savor what you’ve got. I, personally, would find myself saying things like…

On Friday night: “Technically, even though it’s Friday…since it’s a 3-Day Weekend, tonight is really Thursday night!”

Of course, Jen would say that if it was really Thursday night, we wouldn’t be out at a movie or a party, and so she just had trouble thinking of Friday as Thursday. So, I took the criticism and waited for Saturday.

On Saturday night: Technically, even though it’s Saturday…since it’s a 3-Day Weekend, tonight is really Friday night! And, well, that means we have a whole weekend ahead of us!!

I don’t know — I like thinking of it that way, so after you’ve already had a full Friday night and gotten up Saturday and feeling (normally) like you had one more day, then back to work, I enjoyed pretending it was STILL the start of the weekend.

This weekend went really fast.

Saw the movie Capturing the Friedmans and wasn’t as impressed as most people told me I should have been — it’s a documentary about a father who gets charged with child abuse and pedophilia… People had said, “When you watch this movie, you will be rivited and have no way of really deciding if the guy did it or if he was innocent…. Ummmmm… He did it. Not too hard to figure out. Depressing movie, too — the guy’s family just gets pulled apart at the seams. But I do have to say, you gotta love docus…that’s REAL reality entertainment.

Other than that, been writing writing writing. Did I mention I did some writing?

Tonight on The Grammy Awards, Justin Timberlake won his first two Grammys ever and apologized to the public about the Janet Jackson boobage accident. So silly how this country gets so worked up over ridiculous things.

Have a great week.

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