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Ultra-Secret Travelogue

You were never here reading this. Ok?

Today I am leaving the wonderful and soon-to-be ultra-humid city of Dallas, Texas for an UNDISCLOSED location somewhere in the Continental United States.

Where am I going? What will I do when I get there? How many geographically-themed food items will I eat while I am there? When will I get back? When I get back will I be coming back to Dallas or Los Angeles? And what words will I say to the flight attendants when I get on the plane from Dallas, get off the plane in the UNDISCLOSED location, then get back on the plane in the UNDISCLOSED location and get off the plane back in either Dallas or Los Angeles?

Good question.

But I can tell you this – I will be leaving Dallas for a mere few days then arrive back to finish up my work on the show. Then I will pick a night to drink enough to feel horrible the next day. And that’s because I am always pushing the envelope. ALWAYS. (See tomorrow for more on that.)

In other news, word must travel fast about reality-tv writer/producers. I was interviewed for the FOX television show that will be starring the billionaire Richard Branson. And just on Friday I was told more or less that they wanted me to come aboard. Unfortunately, I had time committment issues and wouldn’t be done with this show by the time they wanted me on that one, so I turned it down. I’m hoping instead that before I get back, a few things I’m waiting on will finally click, giving me even more creative projects to dive into upon my return.

That is, of course, after a week of catching up on the final May sweeps episodes for my favorite shows like: Attractive Republican Teenagers, Six Attractive People in a Coffee Shop, New Jersey Separation, D Celebrities on an Island, Again… and William Shatner is a Lawyer.

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