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Ultimate Secrets Revealed!

I’ve decided I’m going to let the cat out of the bag.

I’ve been talking for weeks about my so-called gig on an upcoming UNDISCLOSED television show. I’ve taken you through the ups, the downs and the middles. You have waited patiently, sitting quietly, hands on your lap. I am proud of your patience. And it will now be rewarded. Are you ready?

I have been working on the upcoming ABC reality show The Benefactor.

What is it? Its host and star is Mark Cuban, the billionaire who sold to Yahoo years ago, and to you sports fans, the owner of the Dallas Mavericks. On the show, Mark Cuban will be giving away one million dollars to a regular old everyday person.

That’s sort of the great theme — seeing as though Mark himself is sort of a regular guy who made it huge. And so the show is looking for people who are not necessarily good at anything, overtly attractive, extremely athletic or talented. Mark will be giving away his million to someone who he just, well, likes. If you’re interested in getting in on the action, casting is starting. For those who aren’t interested, pretend I never told you.

This week was a crazy week cause I was producing the promos for the show, which should start finding their way onto ABC next week. And if I’m lucky, and you look close, you may just catch a glimpse of me as a trucker sitting beside Mr. Cuban in a diner. Then again, I may end up on the cutting room floor.

The show itself is going to rock. Mark has got a great sense of humor and is really all about wanting to give his money to a “good person.” And he’s not one of those “attitudey” billionaires (most of my billionaire friends, are). He’s down to earth, friendly and personable.

Quick funny story: We were out shooting these promos on the streets of Los Angeles, and some guy in a car drives past us and yells out of the window of his car, “Dallas Mavericks suck ass!!” Well, we’re shooting promos, so it’s mildly disturbing. We start to re-do the one we were working on and hear it again. “Dallas Mavericks suck ass!!! And then, we hear this CRASH.

The guy who was screaming out of his window was so concerned with making sure Mark Cuban and the crew heard him, that he smashed into the back of someone else’s car. It was karma, at its best.

Anyway, so there you go. If you know people interested in reality shows who want to win cash, send them to the link above to apply. Should be a very interesting experience.

In other news — it is Saturday and I am working again.

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