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  • Paul Davidson

Two Words, One Google Whack

The Unofficial Google Weblog defines a Google Whack as “…taking two obscure and unrelated words, typing them into the Google search bar (without quotes) and resulting in a single result.” With Google and their millions and millions of results, finding such a thing is like finding a diamond in the rough. And in the immortal words of the guy who wrote Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome…

Two words enter, one result leaves.

It was brought to my attention this evening that Words For Your Enjoyment is the proud owner of our own Google Whack, which results when you type in the words lethargicness and maple.

Really, we’re very very proud.

(Update 4.14.05: I am now the proud “sharer” of a Google Whack with one other site. Sadly, the excitement only remained for about a week. Oh well!)

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