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Without you, I’m nothing.

Well, maybe I’m half the man I would be without all you peeps swinging by the ‘ol homestead here at the blog. In my switchover from to about 15 days ago — I have seen the traffic to the site increase pretty substantially and want to thank everyone for your patronage.

That’s why, effective tonight I’m introducing the Words For Your Enjoyment weekly post.

Every Friday I will put up a post inspired by your ideas. No matter how crazy, weird or random — I will take your e-mail suggestions in order of receipt, and start unspooling them starting tomorrow and every Friday!

I sort of see it as a way for me to stretch my creative juices, and for you to give me a way to stretch my creative juices. You’ll get credit and a link back to your blog URL if you have one and want it.

Keep cruisin’ the digital highway, kids. And don’t forget to pull off at Exit 17A — ours.

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