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  • Paul Davidson

Tonight’s Ambiguous Story

There was something very strange that happened to me tonight.

I was either in my car driving home or walking down the street — I was a bit unsure of my surroundings due to some kind of substance that I possibly inhaled or was slipped in a liquid libation of some kind. Where it happened, was a mystery. It could have been at the bar, had I been there after work with a group of people whose names I can’t remember or at the restaurant after work. Had I been there, standing or sitting somewhere inside or outside of the bar or restaurant, I may have ordered or had someone else bring me a liquid bit of courage or embarassment that may have been diluted or added via an ice cube or other frozen liquid to my drink right before I picked it up and slurped or swallowed what was inside.

But please, let’s get back to the moment where I was somewhere, heading either home or to another location that I was unsure I was heading to.

All of a sudden, or moderately slowly — there was a large BANG that might have actually been a really soft shadowy kind of sound that I wouldn’t have heard normally if I had been there, but it caused me to turn my head or turn all the way around or just turn in the wrong direction — but at the time (which I wasn’t sure exactly when it was) it scared me a little or a lot. There was some scaring, that was sort of, maybe for sure.

And there it was. It was if it had appeared just for me, or someone else who could have been walking or running to an undisclosed location that evening. But nevertheless, it was there and I had to turn some part of my body to get a view through my wide-eyed, squinting eyes at just what it was doing here and now. I lifted up one of my limbs to get its attention, maybe even shook a limb while I uttered a word of sorts from my throat (or deep down in my abdomen where most good words come from).

What are you doing here? I asked.

The answer was both stunning and mildly boring all at once.

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