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  • Paul Davidson

Today’s Sourdough Bread Concerns

I think there’s something horribly wrong with sourdough bread.

I can picture the scene. Some cook in the ancient times decided he was going to bake the most awesome-ist loaf of bread ever. Possibly, he was cooking it for some huge gala event where people would be coming from all around to taste his cooking. Maybe even the villagers from that far away farming village were coming, too. Sort of like the modern day version of Sizzler — you know? All the food you could eat for a low low price.

Well, in the midst of creating this amazing loaf of bread he fell prey to a horrible accident. Something fell into the vat with the yeast and the flour and the egg. For all we know a bird died while in mid-flight and fell hundreds of feet into the vat of yeast without anyone noticing. And so that dead crow or dead bluebird ended up getting mixed into the recipe. A recipe for (da, da dum!)…disaster.

I find it extremely hard to believe that someone SET OUT to make a bread with a sour taste. I’m sure my friend Bakerina possibly knows the reason for such a noxious tasting bread that has been transformed into a San Franciscan delicacy… But until I have an answer that quells my confusion… I will continue to dub Sourdough bread as the worst yeast accident ever.

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