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Today’s Music Extravaganza

When you have over 35,000 songs in your computer (which you never, ever allow others to download because it’s illegal), it’s sometimes hard to find new music. Well, lately, thanks to the wonderful world of blogging I have met two people who happen to be musicians and damn good at it (yet still are surprisingly looking for a record deal).

One, is Terra Naomi, whose song Flesh For Bones is pretty damn good. Click on it and download the MP3. It’s all legal. She’s Los Angeles based, so if you’re looking to catch her performing, her site will tell you where.

Another LA based singer is Trish Monaco who I didn’t meet at a club, a concert or a karaoke bar…but the dog park (don’t ask). You can snag her song Walls of Pain here if you have Windows Media Player.

Thirdly, I must stress how great the new Air album, Talkie Walkie is. If you’re a fan of the music from The Virgin Suicides which they did, or any of the music from Lost In Translation and you haven’t heard of these guys…you might want to check them out.

In other news — I walked in front of a herd of cattle today, and no sniffles! What does it all mean?

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