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Today’s Good News (And Who Will Be Starring In The Movie Version!)

I live in Hollywood, what do you expect.

Good News Tidbit #1: Per My Accountant, the Government owes me BIG money.

Who Will Star in the Movie Version: Tom Cruise plays Paul Davidson, a fighter-pilot/trained Samurai/writer who finds out he’s been cheated by the IRS over the last ten years and is owed $1,000,000. Teaming up with a hot-little number (Angelina Jolie), the two infiltrate the IRS and steal back what’s rightfully theirs.

Good News Tidbit #2: Starting Monday, I Have a New TV Producing Gig

Who Will Star in the Movie Version: Will Ferrell plays Paul Davidson, a down-on his luck, handicapped man (he’s missing his left foot and reeks of raccoon)/writer who ends up getting caught on a Reality TV Hidden camera show and is so well-loved by the audience that the TV Production Studio hires him to create his own show. But when it becomes the #1 fad on TV, he has a tough time coping with the new found fame.

Good News Tidbit #3: My Parents Sold Their House

Who Will Star in the Movie Version: Ben Stiller plays Paul Davidson, a car insurance salesman/writer still living at home with his parents while he saves money for his next get-rich-quick scheme. But when he finds out they’ve sold the house from under them, he hides in the basement and tries to not get thrown out when the new owners arrive. Hilarity ensues.

Good News Tidbit #4: I Had a Great Cuban Meal for Dinner

Who Will Star in the Movie Version: Gloria Estefan plays Paul Davidson, a latin-conga singer/dancer/writer whose dinner with her fiancee’s parents goes awry when the DEA shows up in the second course to bust her fiancee for drug trafficking. Gloria then quits her job to free her fiancee (and cook him up a great platter of plantaines) who has been wrongly convicted of something he never did.

In other news — the book versions of my good news tidbits will be ghost-written by John Grisham.

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