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  • Paul Davidson

Today’s Cornucopia of Thoughts

Always a fan of all things cornucopia, I wanted to give you as much as I could about as many things in as short of a time as it would take you to scratch your back.

If you haven’t gotten around to watching SciFi Network’s Battlestar Galactica you are way missing out. In addition to the fact that the Executive Producer Ronald Moore keeps a blog on the website about the making of the show, that he also uploads podcast commentaries that you can listen to while watching the show, and that it’s the most well-regarded sci-fi remake in the history of television — the show is damn good. Last night’s season finale took my breath away in a way that entertainment rarely does. And although it’s science fiction, it’s really more about the drama, conflict and characters journeys. I’m sure SciFi Network will be re-airing the season in order (as the second season doesn’t premiere until July), so if you get a chance — watch them from the beginning and all the way through.

I may be the only person on the face of the Earth who actually sits down to watch NBC’s Joey, but I do. There’s something so hilarious about that cast of characters, from the typical you-know-who to his rocket scientist-brother, his over-the-top agent and his sister Drea DeMatteo, who I believe is still dead in the world of The Sopranos. I’m hoping, though, that this season’s finale will be a cross-over with the previously mentioned show, where Drea takes her brother Joey to “the old town” where they get embroiled in a drug deal gone wrong. Aaah, if only!

I’m looking to you for heaping positive thoughts this week as there are many UNDISCLOSED projects currently in flux with possible decisions being made this week. Some of these NEVER BEFORE MUTTERED things involve TV versions of Consumer Joe, second books (by yours truly), possible developments in the feature film world, and most importantly — I may get new socks. So, please, think good thoughts (especially for the kind of tube socks that don’t have three RED stripes at the top) and when things are concrete I’ll let you all in on the details.

Finally, I’d like to give a great big old shout-out to the guy on the corner of Sepulveda Boulevard and the 405 Freeway entrance who was holding up the sign, “PLEASE HELP!! $$$ Note: If you give me money, I ain’t gonna work for it.”

Hell, at least he’s honest.

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