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  • Paul Davidson

Three’s Company: The Blog Episode

If only Three’s Company was still around today — well, they would have eventually gotten around to the infamous blog episode where Janet and Jack both, unknowingly, decide they’re going to start their own blogs from the privacy of their own bedrooms.

Since the local Santa Monica/Los Angeles blog scene is fairly sizeable anyway, and since Jack and Janet would have both registered their new blogs on LA Blogs, well the two of them eventually would come across each other’s blogs not knowing who the real anonymous blog authors were.

Jack, wanting to be anonymous due to the patrons at his restaurant (where he was chef) — would substitute a picture of a random guy off the web in place of his own. Janet, also not wanting anyone to know she had a blog either (for fear of it coming back to bite her at work) would substitute the picture of a friend of hers — keeping herself anonymous as well.

But then, of course, all hell would break loose.

Jack Tripper, the horndog that he is, would leave a comment on Janet’s blog — saying something sexy, something flirty and asking Janet’s blog alter-ego out on a date. Janet, seeing Jack’s blog address in his comment, would look and see who this new potential date was. Seeing his picture, Janet would be taken by his good looks. The two of them, of course, would agree via Instant Messenger to meet down at the Regal Beagle via the IM applications on their cell phones. The scene would be hilarious – Janet and Jack sitting next to each other on the couch, IM’ing away, not knowing they’re talking to the other person.

Hilarity, I’m telling you!

Not wanting either to know about the “blog arranged date” due to the potential weirdness around the apartment, the two would keep it to themselves, leaving the apartment for various fake reasons (Jack, to the restaurant and Janet, to the supermarket). But when the two walk into the Beagle – well, chaos would ensue.

But even more chaos because the picture that Jack stole off the net to put on his site, well, that guy is actually already sitting in the Beagle. So, when Janet arrives she goes right up to the guy and starts talking to him. Jack, sitting in a corner booth, notices this whole scenario — realizes who the guy is, puts two and two together, and tries to resolve the situation but is blown off by Janet. The guy, however, pretends to know Janet because he’s looking for an easy hookup. Jack, realizing the situation, gets Chrissy’s help to break the news to Janet about the whole blog mixup.

In the end, although Janet is frustrated with Jack’s lying, she really can’t say much since she did the same thing. Really, the most important part was that no one got hurt and that the roommates are still friends. Also, to resolve the secret blog activity, the roomies give one computer to Mr. Ferley who starts meeting chicks on, and they use the other one in the main living room for all to see.

In the end, Jack and Janet put up their real pictures on their blogs, and everyone lives happily ever after. That is, until next week’s coincidental mix-up.

Man, those Three’s Company folks really could do any show about any thing.

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