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Three Paragraphs About My Public Storage Space

This line does not count towards my three paragraphs, FYI.

I have been told that my Public Storage space is climate controlled. This means that no matter rain or shine the weather in my Public Storage space will always be about 77 degrees. When I originally was shopping for a storage space and the people at Public Storage informed me of this particular feature I asked whether or not the temperature ever got to 80 or 81 degrees. All they could tell me was it will “always be about 77 degrees.” They had no ability to take any creative liberties and give me a degree here or a degree there. I suspect someone once sued Public Storage about a space whose weather hovered around 78 degrees with a chance of rain. Good for the employee, I thought. You stay strong with those rules.

Down the street (street = corridor) from my Public Storage space is another guy with an even huger Public Storage space. The weird thing is that every time I show up to put stuff into my storage space, the guy is always there with like 3 to 5 people who are all standing at the open doorway of his massive space talking and looking at it. There was a time when him and his buddies walked past me talking on their way out and one of the guys said to the owner of the space, “Boy, it really was as big as you had described.” I figured that bragging about a legitmately large Public Storage space really is something you could prove. Good for the guy, I thought. Finally something large you can talk about that actually is as large as you say it is.

One day I was going into the Public Storage building and a bunch of teenagers were emptying a huge truck filled with hundreds of DVD players. They were all new and still in the box and they were being dragged up the elevator and into someone’s storage space. I asked them what all the DVD players were for and they just said, off the cuff, that they were for a radio station promotion. Yet, when I got to thinking about it, I have never heard of a radio station giving away hundreds of DVD players. It made me think back to that moment in Beverly Hills Cop when Eddie Murphy busts a bunch of guys driving around a truck filled with cartons of cigarettes. Good for them, I thought, as I put in a friendly little call to the local P.D..

This line has nothing to do with the above three paragraphs and therefore should not be included in the three paragraph guideline.

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