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This Week’s Celebrity Look-Alike Sightings

It’s been a busy week for celebrity look-alike sightings.

1. Last Friday, Tom Cruise was seen walking out of a Beverly Hills park bathroom with no shirt on and a pair of Bullwinkle boxer shorts on sharing a drink out of a brown paper bag with another young man wearing matching shorts. The two seemed to be canoodling together until local police stopped them for questioning.

2. Anna Nicole Smith was seen leaving a Venice Beach doctor’s office with bandages and gauze sticking out from her tight pants. Upon further investigation, we determined that indeed this doctor’s office specializes in liposuction.

3. Last night, Cameron Diaz and a young man (who didn’t look like Justin Timberlake) walked in front of my townhome, walking a small dog and talking about some party they had attended the previous night out at Joshua Tree.

4. A friend called me to tell me that on Sunday evening at the local Koo Koo Roo chicken restaurant he spotted Leo DiCaprio working behind the counter with a hair-net on. He watched him serve a couple two sides of mac n’ cheese and then clear off some dirty tables.

5. The biggest hit of the week came when numerous people e-mailed WFME to let us know about seeing President George W. Bush and President Ronald Reagan sharing an order of onion rings at the local Carl’s Jr. burger joint in Santa Monica, CA. Both looked unshaven, disheveled and dragged huge shopping carts filled with empty soda cans with them when the left the establishment.

If you find yourself faced with a celebirty look-alike sighting, please be sure to e-mail WFME as soon as possible.

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