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The Winning Solution

There was a lot of blood, sweat and tears, but someone had to come out on top.

The three winners of today’s “Blog Treasure Hunt” who will walk away with a signed copy of Consumer Joe and the right to brag to whoever will listen, are:

If you really paid attention to all the clues within the entry today, you should have been able to find the winning phrase, “Wellington was a poodle“. Here, for those who didn’t, is the step by step solution:

Step #1: You always start a hunt for treasure with the map. The map that sits atop today’s post has four numbers on it. 4, 2, 1 and 1. The 4, 2, 1 are aligned and refer to a recent entry listed in the Recent Posts column called Career Suicide Moment #421. Once you’ve clicked into that entry, you still have the remaining number 1 to content with. It, of course, refers to the #1 comment listed under said post.

Step #2: The #1 comment is by one sarahk, which by clicking on her name will take you to her blog.

Step #3: Now that you’ve used the map to get yourself there, it’s time to look at the paragraph clues listed later in today’s entry. The first line of the first paragraph reads, “the month of May is “pretty”. Well, now that you’re on the Mountaineer Musings blog, why don’t you go ahead and click in the Archives section for the month of May. Once there, you’ll notice that the second archived post is called “Pretty.” The only thing to click on in that entry is the comment section, which houses four comments. You should have clicked there.

Step #4: Next line of the clue: “…especially in San Antone”. Well, in the comment section of the “Pretty” post you’ll see the very first comment references “San Antone.” The person who typed said comment is spacemonkey. By clicking on spacemonkey’s link, you’ll find yourself on his page.

Step #5: Next line of the clue: “…when you find out all about him, you might figure out where’s his home.” Well, if you click on the “about me” section on his blog, you’ll find out that he’s from Alabama.

Step #6: Next few lines of the clue: “…living in the exact same location, a WFME friend to find more “about”, commenting on Ed Norton’s car…” This clue refers to Alabama [the same location you just determined from spacemonkey’s blog] and that someone who is a friend to WFME [my blog], who has commented on a post relating to Ed Norton’s Car is the person you have to find. After heading back to the WFME site to find the post about Ed Norton, and looking at the list of comments, you had to find someone who also lived in Alabama. After some back and forth searching on the “About Me” pages for those who commented on the post, you should have determined that lena lives in Alabama also.

Step #7: Now that you’ve found lena, and you know she’s the one who lives in Alabama, let’s look at the next line of the clue: “…their link list is short and stout.” Well, on the About Me page for Lena, you’ll see her link list at the left. Let’s take a closer look.

Step #8: The next paragraph’s clue reads: “…there, sandwiched inbetween yours truly, three above then three below…” You’ll see Words For My Enjoyment listed in the link list, and you’ll want to pay attention to the blog links that are three above WFME and three below. Those sites are lies, exaggerations and slander and thugnanny. You’ll want to bring both those sites up.

Step #9: The clues continue: “…the literate will find only one similar direction, click away and then you will know…” Well, by assuming “literate” means “to read”, you’re going to want to look at the What To Read sections of both blogs. What books they’re currently recommending. The only similar book on both blogs is Mark Haddon’s The Curious Incident of the Dog in Night-Time. Click away.

Step #10: Now you’ve arrived at and are looking at the book’s page. The clues continue: “…then open and turn two.” Since you can look “inside the book” you’ll want to do so and turn to the page listed as “2”. Clues abound: “…then eighteen paces right…” On page two, go eighteen words from the top of the page. “…the next four inclusive, and you’ll be totally right…” The next four inclusive (i.e., the next four words) is the phrase you’re looking for: “Wellington was a poodle.”

Step #10: You’ve found your phrase. The last clue paragraph is just for show. And thus, is the end of your quest.

Easy? Moderate? Hard? I don’t know since I put it together, but I hope I didn’t cause any aneurisms in your brains today. Although if I did, that would be sort of humorous.

Happy weekend and congrats again to the winners.

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