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  • Paul Davidson

The WFME Mascot

After talking with many people on the city streets and public transportation, it came to my attention that the reason behind WFME’s rapid decline in the humor polls had something to do with the fact that we had no mascot.

“You don’t got a mascot?” one man (using bags for gloves) told me on the public bus. “All dem blogs got mascots. If your blog don’t got a mascot den yous might as well throw in the towel now, Stan.”

I don’t know why he thought my name was Stan, but the woman next to him told me that he calls everyone Stan who doesn’t have a mascot.

“There’s a lot of people out there without mascots named Stan,” she said.

And so, without further adieu, I would like to present to you the 2005 mascot for all posts contained herein, written herein and read herein. He is covered in coarse hair (like my posts) which has a composition like that of your finger nails or rhino horns (like my creatively fragile shell) and which he/she uses as a defense when threatened. The new WFME mascot, which lives for over forty years (like my posts) forages in forests and woodlands but can also be found in the desert and mountains of Australia (like me, sometimes.) The WFME mascot is, in my opinion, a perfect choice.

Please, welcome Eddie, the Echidna!

Eddie came to us here at WFME just recently (and is seen pictured here at a very early age). You could say he’s a little pup right now (just like WFME) and is being held by the hand of “the man” (much like our site by money-hungry blog service companies). But he’s funny and wiley and crazy.

In a mere 25 days, Eddie will be storming onto the scene of WFME — there with every post offering his insight and his thoughts about what we talk about here. He will be there in the comment sections offering up writing advice and make-up suggestions. He even knows how to pick a lock, so that should come in handy sometimes too.

This is a really good idea — I can feel it.

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