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The WFME 411

Aaah, good morning. (Or for you people who sleep late, good afternoon. Or for you people reading from the UK — gutentag!)

Yeah, I know.

Either way, I figured it was about time to give you all a little bit of the ‘411’ as it’s been some time since WFME has stuck its neck out into the personal “I” territory. Here’s a few tidbits of things that are happening, going to happen, or rumored to happen:

1. Saw Team America: World Police last night at an advance screening on the Paramount lot. My thoughts on the movie will be up at LAist today — if they’re not up at the time of this posting they will be momentarily. Great movie, though — typical of the South Park guys’ sense of humor (if you think that’s good or bad) but equal to or better than their last movie. It’s just so funny to see puppets having sex. Loving it.

2. The new edition of Mental_Floss Magazine (on stands within the next week or so) features an article I wrote for their “Mad Scientist of the Month” feature. The article, about our good friend/mathematician/theologist/cult-leader Pythagoras (can you say a-squared plus b-squared equals c-squared?), gives you the real story about the man with the flowy-white philosopher’s beard. Even more exciting is the fact that I’m finishing up a 10 page feature for the magazine, their Scatterbrained section — which will appear in their Jan/Feb issue which streets mid December.

3. Consumer Joe: Harassing Corporate America, One Letter at a Time is now on the eve of its third printing, a new name change, and possibly becoming a TV show. Keep your fingers crossed and keep recommending the book to people who live in the bathroom. It’s a good, quick read that you can (sadly) get used on these days.

A quick funny story regarding this: A WFME friend/reader contacted me to tell me that she had purchased a copy of the first edition off She got it used and was surprised when she received it as it had a personalized/signed message from yours truly. Well, yours truly only did two book signings (LA and Berkeley, CA) so there were obviously limited people with personalized inscriptions. Which of my close book-signing friends’ finances had gotten so bad that they were selling their official first-edition signed book in exchange for Top Ramen? Well, I’m happy to report that I did figure out who it was, I don’t hold them responsible for such emotional distress they’ve caused me, and yes — they used the money for food.

4. A quick note of thanks to all my WFME friends and readers who have stuck with us for the last nine months. When WFME started back in February of this year, we were getting around 30-50 hits a day. Now, WFME sits high atop the hill of, well, hits or something, with a daily bit of traffic that hovers around 1000-1500 hits a day. Couldn’t have done it without you. Hell, I still can’t. Without you, I’m a smelly, dirty piece of garbage in the corner of a dark, rat infested alleyway.

Oh, and for those who are thinking, “Damn, what the hell!? No funny post today!?”, here’s a joke you can tell all your friends:

Q: What do you call a fish without an eye?

A: Fssssssssssssssssssssh.

Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

In other news — tomorrow is another edition of “Words For Your Enjoyment” where you provide the idea and I steal it for a post! C’mon people, let get some ideas in the coffer by some of you silent readers! You people who read and read and read but never say a peep. Awww, come on!

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