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  • Paul Davidson

The True Spelling of “Eh-uh Ah”

Eh-uh Ah.

It is a phrase not in ANY dictionary or thesaurus. It has never found it’s way into spelling competitions or Powerpoint presentations. Yet every human on the planet uses the phrase on a daily basis to communicate a variety of emotions:

-Lethargy -Fatigue -Boredom -Lack of Decision-Making Abilities -Indecisiveness -Ignorance -Feigned Happiness -Creative Famine -Emotional Depression -Stupidity -Passive Agressive Nature

Eh-uh Ah, verb (eh-uh, aoh) 1. To express no interest whatsoever while communicating some level of interest, sort of. When she asked him how he felt about having a baby, his response was ‘eh-uh ah’. 2. To respond without knowledge. The teacher asked Bill to break down Pi into numerical form, to which he reponded ‘eh-uh ah’.

Ask someone to spell it after they use it — and they will be stumped. Ask someone to describe just what it means and they will most often respond with the same word you’ve just questioned them about. It is a phantom word that isn’t a word that is really a word combined with a vocal tone to communicate the actual definition of the word which in reality, isn’t a definition but a feeling instead of a real, concrete grammatical reasoning behind any definition or vocal soundscape.

Eh-uh Ah is proud to share it’s category with a variety of other similarly hard-to-spell word/emotional feelings such as: nuh-uh, nya-ah, ehh-iy-ah, naaaah, cccchhah-ha, and pffffbbt.

We hope WFME has provided you with the correct spellings for some of life’s most commonly-used words that, in reality, aren’t words at all.

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