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  • Paul Davidson

The Smarter You Are…

I know I am way late to the party on this one, so forgive me…

But I just finally got around to adding “smarterchild” to my AIM instant messenger list. Smarterchild is the creation of Conversagent, Inc. — and by adding this little bot to your chat list, you can contact the smarter child with almost any question and get the answers you need immediately.

For me, I’m often out and about when I want to find movie listings and times, I want to know the latest news and pretty regularly I want to convert feet to yards. Smarterchild is there for you in these tough times as well.

Just add it to your list, say hello, and Smarterchild will remember who you are, what zip code you live in, and will help you on a variety of things that include (but are not limited to) games, dictionary, thesaurus, conversion help, news, weather, movie showings, sending messages to friends, keeping notes and calendar dates at your fingertips, spell check, world facts and sports scores. It’s pretty damn cool and hell, I had to make sure that the rest of you (like me) who were slow to the party, were actually able to take part.


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