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The Return of the Blog Treasure Hunt

Ask and ye shall receive.

During the first annual WFME Blog Treasure Hunt, three people threw caution to the wind and emerged triumphant against the toughest clues this side of the Mississippi. They walked away with first-edition signed copies of Consumer Joe and bragging rights.

Now, the challenge is back. (Insert typical movie trailer announcer’s voice, here.)

And thus, the second annual WFME Blog Treasure Hunt is here — where you use the clues in this entry to get you to the final clue, in turn, getting you (yes, once again) a signed first-edition copy of my book. As the book is heading into its third-printing, the first-edition signed copies are as valuable as (insert something you find very valuable here). However, if you’ve won before — you cannot win again.

So get to it. The first three correct answers via e-mail will win. I will announce the winners by Midnight tonight (if there are 3 of you). If not, results will not be revealed until 3 have won.

Where “X” marks the spot, find the street name in part, “search within” in the box, select your choice, now we’ll start.

He’s got a freaky-rat dog, he’s got you under his skin, the only person to comment, is where to begin.

Of his “primary readers”, go up seven, down four, in the seventh of twelve, click on six, add three more.

If you’re in the right entry, you won’t “knead” to know more, just select the white ice-sphere, and find out about to be sure.

Then collect all the numbers, hidden deep in the text, return back to the homeland, where you’re close to the X.

Then place your new number, inside of “the box”, pick the first of the choices, where it talks about “rocks”.

Go two past our old friend, who you visited before, and select your new pal, searching for the first “store”.

Once there, it is simple, you’ve found all the rest, just copy and e-mail, a full-two lined address.

Once you’ve done it, you’re lucky, you’ve finished this quest, let’s just hope that you finished, before all the rest. (Or at least 2 others)

(Ed note: A full-size map image can be found here.)

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