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  • Paul Davidson

The Real Pauly D?

I got an e-mail from Steve over at the Evil Empire who was way early in suggesting an interesting concept for this weeks “Words For Your Enjoyment”.

Steve suggested that I get a handful of readers who want to write an anonymous post in the style of the types of posts I write on WFME and then present those posts along with one of my own on Friday. Readers would then be challenged to guess which post was written by yours truly and which four were bogus. That person would, of course, become the king of the world (as opposed to getting a free book) since I’m feeling like that book thing is getting old. You can tell me if you feel otherwise.

I think four other people would be a good number, which would (including a post by me) tally five posts for Friday’s WFME which readers could use to try and figure out the real Pauly D versus the fake Pauly D.

E-mail if you’re interested in being one of the four anonymous posters (your name will be revealed after the day’s events) — and if I get the numbers, I’ll present that on Friday. If I don’t, you’ll get something crappy like my thoughts on shoelaces.

(Update: We have our five anonymous contributors! Come Friday, you’ll find a total of six posts of the same subject matter and WFYE will ask the readers to identify the real Pauly D! Think you know? Secretly, I hope this doesn’t put me out of a job. Secretly, not publicly.)

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