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  • Paul Davidson

The Post Where I Worry About Safety Issues For Those On Extreme Home Makeover

Yes, I’m worried for the people who get brand new houses on Extreme Home Makeover.

Here’s the thing. Most often, the houses that are torn down and rebuilt into huge (read: expensive) homes are filled with the most expensive flat panel TV’s, appliances and furniture. The houses that are rebuilt are rebuilt into neighborhoods where houses of that caliber would never have been built. The reality is this — the new houses are too expensive for these neighborhoods.

And that brings crime.

I gotta believe that once the cameras are off and the beautiful new expensive house is sitting inbetween the tenement-style houses that already occupied said neighborhood, that a group of people in black ski-masks are gonna be getting on their joneses to get in there, lift a few flat panel TVs and leave the place emptier than it was before it was built.

I could be wrong, but I worry about these things.

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